Lange Dame was born in 2011

Finding joy in beautiful clothing – this is a given for most women. I was not able to discover my passion for fashion until a few years ago. At a height of 1.92cm I know from experience how difficult it is to find clothes which both fit and are beautiful.


I can still remember my childhood well, or rather my teenage years. My clothing were always in a state of emergency: the ends of the trouser legs usually only went down to my ankles and the sleeves, in spite of all her efforts, were still too short.


Even when our personalities are different: us tall people feel connected. Standing out above the average-sized masses unifies us. Whether we want to or not, we attract attention. So why not really use our impressive, natural-given “advertising space” to attract attention, not only with our height but also due to being well styled?

It is very important to me to share my enthusiasm for fashion with other tall people. Only those who are tall themselves know about the particular things you have to keep in mind when choosing the right outfit: this is why customers at Lange Dame will be assisted exclusively by tall fashion consultants.

Be inspired by Lange Dame. I look forward to seeing you at my boutique on Bosstraat 6 in Winschoten or in Carolieweg 16 in Groningen.


I haven't translated my webshop, but you can always contact me to ask me everything about my collection and how to order.


Kind regards,


Diana Smith